Firstly all of the products that we sell are 100% genuine LEGO®, you can read their sustainability articles HERE 

Secondly, a few words about what we at britbricks are doing to reduce our carbon footprint.

ALL of our waste LEGO® boxes and paperwork are recycled by the local council.

Our padded mailing bags are FSC approved and manufactured by by a climate neutral company, they are made from recycled materials and are easily recycled by the customer.

We only use kraft paper, biodegradable and recyclable packaging tapes.

Further to this, we re-use the postal packaging that we receive our parts etc in when it is in a suitable condition to do so.

As a couple in our 50s, we like to keep fit and we walk the mile or so to the post office to send your packages, we do not use collection services and we leave the car at home.

Where we offer gift boxes, we only offer those made from recycled materials or those that are 100% recyclable.

Our mailing labels are thermally printed and recyclable, we do not use any inks.

​​​​​​​If we need to pop something into a small envelope inside your package, we use a paper envelope made from recycled material that is also easy to recycle.